Donor : Anti-corruption Agency

Duration :  July  2015 – January 2016

Law Scanner, in partnership with organization Three dots, in the period from July 2015 until January 2016 will be conducting the project  ‘’Implementation of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption 2013-2018  and National Action Plan – Alternative Report for 2015’’ The project is funded by Anti-corruption Agency, thanks to funds of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade

According to the contest of the Anti-corruption Agency areas which are the subject of the alternative reporting are divided into three groups.  Law Scanner has applied for a third group, which contains:

3.1. Political activities

3.4. Judiciary

3.6. Spatial Planning and Construction

3.7. Health

3.8. Education and sport

3.9. Media

The main goal of the project is objective assessment of fulfilled measures and implemented activities that have been set out in The Action Plan for Implementation of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2013 to 2018. The reporting period is 27 months from the adoption of the Action Plan. Another important goal is increasing transparency in the work of institutions and state authorities in these areas in order to reduce corruption.

This project will contribute higher participation of the Civil Society Organizations in supervising the implementation of anti-corruption measures in the areas of political activities, judiciary, planning and construction, public health, education and sport and media.